It is very hard to find good quality Wine at a reasonable price and mostly among masses this fact is long well known that if the Wine’s good it must be an expensive one. Now, the real game changer is that is this notion really a true one?

People tend to believe or are made to believe that good quality stuff is always expensive and is hard to put hands on but that is not really the case. Some researcher conducted an experiment in which they gave a sample of wine at the prices of $5, $10, $35, $45 and $90. At first, the participants were told to test the samples with their prices known. The participants reacted to these samples as a majority favoring the wine at $90, saying the quality and taste was better. However, when these participants were given the same samples but with the price not known they voted for the $10 one for the better taste and quality. This survey states that people’s perspective tends to change a lot with respect to the labels and price of the items.

Furthermore, if we leave the price tags be and we are really looking for a wine that tastes better and what makes certain wine so expensive than the others then here are some factors that you might want to know.


A simple bottle of wine can come in all shapes and sizes with different price tags. The reason for such high prices that can go up to the price of $500 is usually due to things like labor cost, grapes quality, the raw material used, barrels and bottles cost, utilities, wholesales, retail prices, and many other things. These things can raise the price of the product in an instant.

Moreover, there is the concept of perceived value that we have discussed earlier. People tend to think that higher priced goods are better in quality, which they can be, than the one that doesn’t cost much. A cheap wine could have been made with high-quality grapes yield than the expensive one. In this way brand name also raises the price as people are willing to pay for the brand more than the local products just for the sake of name and trust.

However, these wines can fetch a hefty budget in the making process but there is no fact that say that a cheap one can’t be a good one than a pricey one.


Now, the big question is that how can we really know if the wine we purchased is the best in taste or not? Now, experts tell us a variety of different ways to check that which is the best, but the thing is everyone has a different taste for the wine, one might like it and the other not much.

The thing is, you cannot really know what’s under that corkscrew no matter what the label or brand is. It is said that to know a wine you have to whiff it. Well, of course, the taste matters but the smell tells a lot too and you don’t have to smell it in a specific way. Just smell the aroma, if it feels good then its good to go. The second thing is the balance, just when you drink it the acidity, the tannins, and the fruits, not one overpowers the other it feels just right. Everything at the same level and at perfect proportions. The next thing is the depth, the quality is measured by the depth. When you drink the wine feel the hidden flavors in it. If it tells more than a single tale than congratulation you have hit a jackpot. Now the final evaluation is that after you finish the wine the taste of the wine stays longer on your tongue and the longer it remains the better the wine is!

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