Even if you know how to pick a good wine, pairing it with a meal can be a difficult task. In reality, it is not a hard task if you know about the tricks to pair wine with your food. Here we are going to give some easy tips that will help you to pair a good wine with your food and after reading this article you will be able to save your effort for spectacular matches on any event or occasion.

Select a wine you like

Do not overthink about choosing a wine which perfectly matches with food instead go for the wine which suits your taste. Even if you go for a perfect match you may not like one.

Go for the wine that matches with food

If you really want a good match for your food then look for balance in weight and richness of your food and wine. The dish and wine should match each other well to make a good pair. If you will match the weight and richness factor, your pairing will ultimately succeed for a classic event or a party. To determine the weight of the food consider food fats, cooking method and the sauce used in the dish. Your instincts play a most important role in the selection so have confidence and go for your instincts.

Pairing with the most prominent element

The critical task of fine-tuning wine pairing can be resolved by identifying the most prominent element in the dish, it can be seasoning, cooking method or a sauce. Use your imagination and you will surely come up with the expert food and wine pairings.

Bitter wine and bitter food are no match

Do not ever pair bitter tannin wines with bitter food. Our taste buds are sensitive, it will overwhelm the taste of food and make it more bitter. To pair a bitter wine choose foods with fats and umami.

Try to balance wine taste

Choose wines which taste sweeter than your food. Bitter wines when paired with bitter foods, will enhance its flavor. Therefore, wines should be sweeter, it will really complement your foods and desserts.

Acidity of wine

Acidic level of wine should be higher than food otherwise it will not taste good. The factor will help you to choose a perfect and spectacular match for an event or for a party at home.

Earthy wine pairing

Earthy or old world wine when matched with foods like mushrooms. They will really complement each other and taste better and fruity.

Components of wine

Here are some most common components of wine that will help you to perfectly match your foods with wine. Grape fruit flavors and sugar give the soft feeling in your mouth, their tannins and acidity give the taste of firmness and the amount of alcohol can vary in your wine. Red wines usually have tannins but most of the white wines do not contain tannins. Both of the wines can be buttery, leathery, spicy, floral or earthy. The pear, apple and citrus flavors are common in white wines and red wines usually have plum, cherry, dark currant flavors.

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