Concha Toro

Wine lovers are always looking for a satisfying taste and unmatched quality when it comes to buying wine. Numerous varieties of wines are hitting the market each year, which makes it difficult for users to choose one of the best.

In order to assist you in making a perfect choice, here are some of the best wine brands in the world.


Established in 1933, Gallo is among the best wine brands in the world. The company resides in California, United States. Most of the wines exported from California come from this manufacturer. Gallo owns 1,300 acres of vineyard.

The major focus of this company is to produce only the best quality wines. The seasoned staff follows tried and tested winemaking techniques. This results in the production of top-notch wine and other alcoholic beverages.

Besides, Gallo wine is popular for its refined taste, color, and unsurpassable quality. The company offers more than 90 brands of wines, specifically produced for every occasion.

Yellow Tail

Yellow Tail is a famous Australian wine brand. This wine company started its journey in the year 2000. Apart from large-scale consumption of this wine in the United States, the company also exports this wine brand to other countries as well.

The winery is capable of producing over 300 million liters of wine each year. Moreover, different recipes of this wine are also famous among the consumers. The taste and aroma is one of its kind, attracting a lot of people towards this wine brand.


Barefoot is another renowned wine brand that stands among the best wine around the globe. The company manages to sale more than 22.5 million cases year. Hence, Barefoot is referred to as the largest selling wine brand.

There is a wide range of choices including refreshing whites, sweet reds and the delicious bubbly. The basic aim of Barefoot is to let people enjoy a good time together. Hence, they make sure to keep their wines flavorful, approachable and fun to drink.

Concha Toro

Concha Toro is a renowned Chilean wine brand. In fact, it is the largest manufacturer of wines in Latin America. Founded in 1883 and headquartered in Santiago—Chile, Concha Toro is capable of producing over 16.3 million cases each year.

The company uses more than 9,400 hectares of area to produce and harvest grapes. It proudly exports wine products to almost 140 countries around the world. This particular brand offers top quality wines, which are second to none regarding their taste, flavor, and aroma.

Some of the premium wines produced by Concha Toro include Carmin de Peumo, Don Melchor, Subercaseaux, Gravel, Amelia, and Terrunyo.


Being the oldest brand, this Chinese wine is popular throughout the world. It was established in 1892 and its journey of producing premium quality wines is still continuing after 125 years. Hence, Changyu is the biggest winery in China.

Its estimated volume of production each year is almost 15 million cases. A few of the most popular wines launched by this company include Changyu Dry Red Wine, Golden Icewine Valley, Noble Dragon, and Swill Zen.

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